4 Million Phones to Become Ineffective

Posted on 21 April,2017

Ethiotelecom has a monopoly on telecommunication services in Ethiopia and has agreed to play 55% compensation to phone owners while 14 Ethiopian phone manufacturers are expected to cover the remaining amount.

4 million phones already in use in Ethiopia are set to become ineffective, as a side effect of a phone registration policy that will soon be put into effect, according to a recent investigative reporting by a private media agency in Ethiopia.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology led by Debrestion Gebremichael (Ph.d) has prepared regulations for a phone registration system, purportedly to curb untaxed inflow of phones into the country, and it is in this connection that millions of phones are becoming defunct.

The only reason why this controversial plan was not put into action a month ago, according to an April 19th article by the Ethiopian Reporter, is because of a disagreement between the Ethiotelecom and the 14  Ethiopian based manufacturers of phones, the two are apparently committing to compensate customers.

It is not clear from the article or any Ethiotelecom press releases just how ineffective the phones will become at accessing Ethiotelecom internet and phone services. It is also not apparent which type of phones or by what criteria the phones will be rendered unusable. One aim of this undertaking is to curb the inflow of untaxed phones into the country. 

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