Adama’s newly constructed bridge sweep away in flood

Posted on 23 May,2017

A bridge which has recently been built in Adama at Kebele 5 swept away in flood, that was even before its inauguration and started giving service, FBC reported.

Addisu Arega, Oromia’s Head of Government Communication Office announced on his Facebook page that, “those contractors and enginee who have constructed the bridge are now under arrested”.

Such hard to believe incidents are not new to the country’s construction sector in general and to other sub-sectors, specifically.

At the center of the problem matrix resides the quality issue. Low construction quality, exposing the economy to huge costs, remains a major problem of the sector. Be it in hydropower, road or housing, subpar quality is imposing huge burden on the economy.

The collapse of a five-story building in Addis Ababa this Ethiopian fiscal year, for instance, showcases the state of affairs in the nation’s construction sector. Not that the building was either built or owned by the state, but the case depicts a general trend in a sector that is ingesting huge resources.