Boozy couple caught on camera having sex outside busy London pub

Posted on 03 June,2017

A boozy couple are filmed having sex outside a pub — in front of passers-by.

The suited Romeo gropes his blonde companion from behind before they go at it face to face. Onlookers were shocked as a couple had sex outside a busy London pub.

Couple caught performing sexual act in front of onlookers in Soho, London

At one stage the woman, in her 20s, performs a sex act on him as her bearded lover gropes her bum. They even ignored a passing busker who played his accordion for them.

The randy pair kept up their display for 15 minutes as onlookers clapped, cheered and filmed.

At one point the woman, in her 20s, even performed a sex act on her suited Romeo

A neon fish and chip sign in the background as well as the lights from a Nando’s helps to illuminate their sordid passion.
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