DOCS: Hayley – World’s Oldest Teenager

Posted on 04 April,2017

Hayley Okines is the world recognised face of the rare medical condition Progeria – which causes the body to age eight times faster than normal. The filmmakers in this documentary have followed Hayley’s life since she was just four years old and now her condition enters a new and challenging phase. Hayley’s hip joints have deteriorated so much that she must wear a metal brace all the time. She is unable to attend school regularly or move about freely. Like most teenage girls Hayley is interested in Justin Bieber, shopping, looking pretty and finding a boyfriend, but her body has entered the painful decline into physical old age her family has long feared. Hayley is now old enough to be fully conscious of the ramifications of her condition and she is startling in her frankness. But she refuses to be beaten by it – she is determined to fulfill her dreams of becoming a beautician and, one day, finding true love.

CREDIT: All3Media