Ethiopia – DireTube Engida with The Amazing Gash Tesfaye Gesesse

Posted on 04 April,2017

This a special exclusive holy day interview with the great artist Tesfaye Gesesse AKA Gashe on his birth day.

The 80 years old artist and assistant professor at Addis Ababa University have served thirty years for teaching with full power and strength.

Beyond that he is a funny person who always entertains peoples around him other than his fans. The professor has served as an administrator in National Theater, Hager Fikir Theater and Addis Ababa university cultural institute.

He was university graduate at the age of 22 dreaming to learn in Law department however the Emperor said that it was better for him to learn Theatrical Art.

Tessfaye then went to America to study Theatrical Art, “am thankful for Emperor Hailesilassi for making me choose this career said the 80 years old artist during his Interview with DireTube. Scroll up to see the full interview.