Ethiopia: Tour Addis Ababa the Capital City

Posted on 04 April,2017

If you are looking forward to see how Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia look like currently the next footage has a lot to say.

Different places in the city are shown in the Video, which could surprise many Diasporas and foreigners with the big change and growth within few years.  

Before the city of Addis Ababa there were many other temporary capital cities in the country that changes with the different Emperors who come to power.

During the regime of emperor Minilik he found the place known as Mount Entoto. This was used as a military place during the time. Addis Ababa, which means New Flower, was named by Empress Taytu, the king’s wife.

More over the place serves as both city and state. It is where African union head quarter based. Indeed this led Addis to be called as Political capital of Africa.