Fourth Gumma Award winners unveils

Posted on 03 May,2017

Forth Gumma, the Ethiopian Oscar Award, has been bestowed to the winners for this year on Monday at the National Theatre.

Best movie of the year went to Yenegen Alweldem, a movie about a suffer from having a son during the Derg era and its Director Abraham

Gezahegn was too awarded for his Best Directing Role. Winners of the other categories are listed as follows;
Best Music Score:-Tadele Feleke from Yenegen Alweldem film;
Best Makeup Artist:- Dereje of the Meba Film;
Best Film Script: Naod Gashaw, Atwided Atiwled Film;
Best Editing: – Daniel Alemu;
Best Cinema Autography: – Bisrat Getachew of Meba;
Aspiring Actress: – Alem Kassahun;
Aspiring Actors: – Birhanu Digafie of the Yenegen Alweldim;
Best supporting actress: – Marta Goitom from Sisit 2 sequel film;
Best supporting actor:- Tesfaye Yimam, Yenegen Alweldim
Best actress: – Edilwork Tassew, Meba;
Best actor: – Birhanu Digafie, Yenegen Alweldim;
Best sound track: – Abinet Agonafer’s sound track for Sisit 2 film and the last but not the least;
Bedele Special’s Peoples’ Award goes to Wefe Komech film

The name is Gumma is believed to be derived from the first Ethiopian color film ever made and that film’s director, Michael Papatakis, was a recipient of a (some would call it), precious Gumma award at the first award show just three years ago.