Gebeya Graduates First Batch of Developers

Posted on 23 May,2017

Press Release |  Gebeya Graduates First Batch of Developers

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia |  May 20, 2017

Gebeya has been grooming its trainees for the past 6 months since the launch of  its IT training academy in Addis Ababa last September. The academy accepted  seventy candidates after a thorough and competitive round of interviews and  applications. On May 20th 2017, after months of intensive hands-on training,  Gebeya celebrated the graduation of its first batch of highly skilled software

After the professional training, Gebeya places its graduate professionals onto its  developer platform. This online marketplace for African IT talent matches  certified and multilingual developers with clients to develop and implement  innovative and cost-effective technology solutions. Gebeya also incubates tech  entrepreneurs; supporting them as they develop their own ideas or solutions.

Furthermore, Gebeya acts as a gateway to clients and high-quality practical  training to be used in accord with current technologies and platforms that  currently dominate the global software industry. Mikias Amdu, a full stack  developer and one of the top talents at Gebeya, was able to work for an  international client from France, before even graduating. In his particular case,  he happened to already have exceptional experience in the specific technology  framework that the client needed. For Abnet Shimeles, another top talent,
Gebeya was the level-up she needed to boost her software-developing company.

The experience provided her with the platforms she needed to scale her  business. Gebeya’s youngest talent, 15-year-old Ismael Kedir, was able to build a  website for a local Ethiopian restaurant in just one week.

Dawit Abraham a mobile game developer and another top talent, founded  “Kukulu,” a 3D mobile gaming APP that Gebeya is currently incubating and is set  to launch in August 2017.

Gebeya believes that every qualified individual deserves a chance at a better  education and so works hard to make financial aid available to those that need it.  In order to encourage more women enrollment, Gebeya offers them partial and  full scholarships upon acceptance. Gebeya’s founders, Amadou Daffe and Hiruy  Amanuel, who met in Silicon Valley, launched the venture with the aim of  shaping a robust African IT industry on the continent.

The long-term objective  being, to develop affordable and efficient software solutions that will contribute  to world markets. Concurrently, Gebeya and its growing capacity are enabling  Africa to participate in the global digital economy by providing competitive  solutions within the sector.

Gebeya Inc. is building a self-sustainable ecosystem that trains, hires, and incubates the best of African talent. These three cornerstones of Gebeya fuel one another. While Gebeya’s HQ is in Ethiopia, it has recently launched a new training center in Kenya with future plans to expand into other African countries. The overall training objective regardless of curriculum is to produce a client-facing IT workforce.