Hirut Bekele – Hiwot Ende Shekla

Posted on 04 April,2017

Here is the beloved old school Ethiopian vocalist Hirut Bekele with her well known song “Hiwot ende Shekla”. It is an Amharic phrase meaning “Life as clay”. The song is all about life and its ups and downs.

Singer and song writer Hirut once told the National TV reporter that she have written many of her song lyric herself as she prefer a tragic situation to come up with the melody.

She was born and raised in Addis Ababa at a place locally known as “Kebena”. Growing up although she has a beautiful voice but she never knew and understand it.

It was such a coincident and sudden that Hirut Joined the Music industry by the help of her neighbor called Sisay who took her to a music band, “Midir tor”.

Flashing back to her first appearance in front of audience Hirut have once said that she used to be so shy that she even get off stage before finishing her song. Her family was against her for a long time she said.

After spending 30 years in music life Hirut has now shifted to a spiritual song vocalist for the past 23 years.