Koshe victims left hanging dry

Posted on 22 May,2017

Two months after the garbage hill slide that happened in Koshe Open Garbage Dumpsite in Addis Ababa, the tragedy appears to be far from being over as the survivors of the incident are suffering from unfulfilled promises which were made to rehabilitate them.

It is almost two months since the accident which claimed the lives of above 130 people occurred. The incident had caused anger and anxiety among the public in general.

After the tragedy, different institutions, both public and private, individual donors as well as companies have extended their helping hands to the rehabilitation effort. In this respect, an estimated amount of 55 million birr was said to be pledged to rehabilitate the families who were affected by the Koshe tragedy.

Aside from the money, close to 56 families who lost their beloved ones were said to be relocated to low cost condominium houses around Yeka Abado condominium site.

Yet again, a group of families, who were told to leave the Koshe surrounding because they were identified as living in a dangerous area, were relocated to a nearby government housing in Koshe, Nifas Silk Sub-City and Kolfe Keranio sib city.

To the dismay of many families, some of the promises made to them have not been fulfilled to date. For instance, the families who were told to be relocated to condominium houses in different locations are still living in a temporary shelter near Koshe.

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