Kuku Sebsibie says she isn’t dare to disappoint the people

Posted on 04 May,2017

  Kuku Sebsibie, one of the famous musicians for her oldies and recent melodies told the VOA that she didn’t want to disappoint people except performing her music to satisfy them.

Kuku, Mahamoud Ahmed and Aregahegn Werash were the Artists who have had to perform on the concert. Singer Kuku Sebsibie was on the stage while a bomb blasted last week in Bahirdar concert after two new face artists performed on the stage before her. She said, “I run to the back stage after the blast”.

“I don’t know why they dropped the bomb and we are musicians not politicians,” said Kuku, adding, “Those who dropped the bomb should not done that because I was there with no political intentions, except entertainment”.

A music concert in Bahir Dar Meskel Square was canceled after a bomb incident on Saturday evening around 8:30 pm. The bomb, according to reports was dropped by those who opposed what the concert had aimed at.

The concert was organized to promote the new “Balageru” beer, a newly launched beer of Dashen Beer SC, and attended by famous artists. Dashen Beer S.C. is owned by Tiret, a parastatal of ANDM/EPRDF, and Duet Group, a British firm.

The company is in a promotion campaign after its sales took a hit after last year political crisis. A hand bomb thrown to Grand Hotel, a 5 star hotel frequented by high profile guests, tourists and regional government officials, led to the cancellation of scheduled concert. Police detained the security guards of the hotel, earlier reports indicated adding, no fatalities reported.