PM Hailemariam calls on Ethiopians to leave Saudi before amnesty deadline

Posted on 24 May,2017

 Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn called on undocumented Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia to leave the country before the amnesty deadline that ends June 29, 2017.

In a press conference he gave in China in connection with the approaching Saudi amnesty deadline, the Premier said previously without prior notice thousands of Ethiopian repatriates were deported and the situation was challenging to handle.

“However, with relentless efforts of the government, we successfully managed the situation.”

“In this Saudi policy to expelled out undocumented citizens to leave their country we have been provided time to facilitate for safe return of our citizens. Therefore, I urged Ethiopian repatriates to use the amnesty period, “he urged.

The people and the government of Ethiopia are endeavoring to curb human trafficking, he said and adding the effort would be intensified in an organized manner to protect citizens from any rights violation harassment.

As part of this effort, the government is dealing with Saudi Arabia, the principal labor hiring country for Ethiopia, to reach a final labor exchange agreement. A serious of discussions were held with Saudi officials and consensus was reached to held the repatriation in the way adheres human rights.

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