Saudi repatriates are taking their documents, says government

Posted on 06 June,2017

More than one thousand Ethiopian repatriates are taking their flight documents to Ethiopia from Saudi Arabia upon the demand of Saudi’s government to leave the country, according to the government.

Minister of Government Communication Affairs Office, Negeri Lencho (PhD) told journalists in a press conference that government’s effort of repatriation has been consolidating

The Saudi government warned that it will deport undocumented immigrants from the kingdom in an exercise that could take 90 days.

In 2013, Ethiopia repatriated over 100,000 of its citizens from the kingdom following a violent crackdown on migrant workers after a seven-month amnesty period for undocumented immigrants had expired.

This had sparked running battles between Ethiopian immigrants and the Saudi police in which some migrants had died.

“The government is working to protect the rights of its citizens while returning home,” the Minister had announced earlier.

A national taskforce has also been established to effectively coordinate their safe return, according to the government.

But, in his recent press briefing, Dr. Negeri said that the amount of returnees is not more than 20 thousand.

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